This collection is inspired by the concept of infinity and by the power that it has to transform the lives of people with extraordinary and unlimited designs, evoking landscapes and sceneries of immeasurable beauty.

The Immense ™ collection was designed by using the glass mosaic Karma that, thanks to the special effects of depth, transparency and reflection, is able to enhance the effects of depth and light.

Each of the four modular designs is an exploration of design, colors, textures, shapes and sizes that catch the eye and play with imagination.

Immense™ Foliage  The Immense™ Foliage pattern mirrors the passion of nature with a design inspired by a cluster of leaves.

The vegetal weft with vibrant hues visually creates a dense weaving that gives a relaxing atmosphere.

Designing this pattern, TREND wanted to create an artistic visual effect, with extremely modern shapes that could have stopped the people in front of a wall as if it were a work of art.

Immense™ Effect

The perception of reality changes constantly in this breath-taking flow of lines and intertwined figures.

The wonderful effect that this pattern produces is an optical illusion that plays with space and time in which the intertwined lines blend harmoniously with the depth and color.

The decoration, of contemporary inspiration, lives a new light thanks to the characteristic reflections of Karma.

Immense™ Parallels

In this pattern the triangular shapes seem to come alive in a parallel world of lights, colors and forms that stimulate creativity. TREND believes in the positive influence that design can have in people’s lives. When TREND designed Immense ™ Parallels, TREND knew to create a hypnotic effect of beauty, elegance and style.

Contemplating the design of this decor, indeed, the mind and the soul enters in a parallel world of magic, splendor and imagination.

Immense™ Symmetry Symmetry is the equality in the number of parts, the likeness in forms and sizes.

It is a decoration in which the proportions are impeccable, in which a line merges with another to create an entire universe of hexagons that reflect charisma and personality.

The equilibrium indeed is what creates beauty and Immense™ Symmetry is an expression of elegance, in which the classic design and lines inspired by nature coexist perfectly.

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